5.3.2021 - Various UX improvements

Mission alerts status on individual mission page

  • When all alerts have been checked from a mission, it used to say “No alerts” at the top.
  • Now it says “All alerts checked”. This is consistent with the alerts status column on the missions list view

Confirmation required to end mission

  • When you press “End mission” on the individual mission page, it now asks for confirmation (“Are you sure?“)

Adjustments to missions/loggers list view

  • Initial column widths (on page load) are based on content width, and columns don’t have a set min-width (allows for better resizing of columns)
  • Long cells like name, note and scan location have a tooltip to show the full text on hover
  • New column type available for missions list: No. loggers (number of loggers)
  • Filters for “Archived” and “On a mission” columns now read “Archived --> is --> Yes/No” instead of “Archived --> is --> true/false”

Performance improvements all around

  • We have improved code efficiency and scaled up capacity on many fronts.
  • One visible improvement is in Settings --> Teams ---> Edit permissions. It loads everything much faster than before.


  • “Alert limits” heading on mission page changed to “Alert rules”