29.11.2021 — Customized Scan Pages & Mass Export Reports

These updates step up your condition monitoring and reporting experience with Logmore. Now you can make the shipment condition details immediately known to the recipient and provide additional information. Save time and enhance transparency by mass downloading and sharing condition reports in a few clicks.

Customized Scan pages help you communicate with the recipient of your shipment

  • Customize the page that appears on the smartphone’s screen after scanning the logger. Let the recipient know if the mission has any alerts or if all monitored conditions were stable throughout the mission duration.
  • Add tips and instructions for the receiver that will show on the alert status pages, such as whom to contact if the shipment needs attention or how to return loggers once they’ve reached the final destination.
  • Add the “End monitoring” button to enable the receiver to end the mission.
  • Configure the Mission to end after the first scan.

Enable these configurations when creating Mission templates and Missions.

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Batch download measurements and export reports directly into your inbox

  • No need to manually download reports one by one!
  • Choose what suits you best: PDF reports for each shipment or detailed measurement spreadsheets.
  • Send documents directly to the person in charge, even outside your Logmore teams.