24.02.2022 – Error codes reimagined

Understand error codes easily

From now on, there is a clear way to see if your logger experienced some errors on the way. Error codes are now removed from the graphs, and the graphs only show real temperature and other measurements. Where to find the error codes – here is the full list.


When you scan a logger with your smartphone or Scanpoint

  1. New screen will appear simultaneously with the Scan page. It will tell you that the logger has transmitted error codes to the Cloud at any point during its lifetime.
  2. All you need to do is skip the screen by pressing the bypass button.

When you see a list of loggers

  1. Possible errors will be indicated next to the logger’s ID number.
  2. Search for all loggers with error codes by filtering: Error codes → Are present.

When you open a logger page

Error codes are listed separately under the graph.


When you see a list of missions

If the mission’s timeline contains error codes, it will have a data status of “Error codes from logger”. You can search for missions with that data status as well.

On the individual mission page

Error codes are listed separately under the graph. Error code “measurements” are removed from the graph.


Error codes are visible on the mission Excel and PDF reports as well. On the PDF, error codes are listed on the last page of the report. In the Excel, error codes are indicated clearly but they are in the correct measurement timeline order.

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