22.6.2021 - Alert rules reimagined

New features & improvements:

  • Alert rules reimagined
    • Alert feature of Logmore Cloud has been updated to better suit a wider range of different needs. Where alerts used to be triggered by a single measurement, now they can go off based on much more intricate rules.
    • Two new alert rule types
      • Cumulative time: tracks the total time the rule is violated during the mission. For example: "Temperature over 25 degrees for more than 8 hours"
      • Mission duration: Gives an alert if mission has lasted longer than a set time. Useful in getting notifications about unscanned loggers.
    • Read more about the new alert rules at Logmore Help Center

Bugfixes & refinements

  • Fixed an issue where the numbers on the scans list and on the map markers did not match in some cases
  • Fixed an error where map reports on the dashboard didn’t sometimes load
  • Fixed an issue where filtering datasets in dashboard reports by “Teams with access” didn’t work
  • Fixed an issue where text was overlapping in mission page’s loggers section