19.2.2021 - New information in missions: Data Status

  • Indicates the data integrity of mission timeline. That is to say, tells you whether there are gaps in the mission’s data.
  • This info is visible in the missions search list as well as on the individual mission page
  • Status is one of the following:
  • Data 100% complete Mission has ended and there are no gaps in the data
  • Complete until 18.02.2021 21:00 - Mission is ongoing and there are no gaps, data is continuous up until a certain point
  • No data - Pretty self explanatory, no data at all in the mission
  • Incomplete data There is some data within the mission, but it does not have full solid history. This happens when mission is stopped, but logger is not scanned. With very long shipments this might be because of incorrect settings and thus all data did not fit to one QR code that has been scanned. In these cases scanning the history QR code will solve the issue.
  • You can also search missions by filtering by Data Status
  • NOTICE: In the missions search view, you have to go to “Columns” and select this new column, it is not shown by default