14.4.2021 - Dashboard, reports and Custom fields

Entirely new dashboard (Cloud home page)

  • Macro-view into your data is now here! We have completely redone the home page of Logmore Cloud
  • The dashboard consists of reports, which give you both and overview and deeper insights into you data.
  • You can add an arbitrary number of reports to your dashboard. At launch, 6 different report types are available:
    • Total number of started missions: View a breakdown of successful missions compared to missions with alerts over time
    • Missions with alerts breakdown: View a breakdown of missions with alerts broken down by a data column of your choice (e.g. "Route")
    • Missions datatable: View a filtered & ordered set of missions. E.g. "Currently ongoing missions"
    • Loggers datatable: View a filtered & ordered set of loggers. E.g. "Last scanned loggers"
    • Locations of 100 last scanned loggers: View the locations of last scanned loggers on a map
    • Missions on map: View the last knwon locations & alert statuses of missions a map
  • Read more about the new dashboard & reports at Logmore Help Center

Custom fields

  • Custom fields give you the power to enrich your missions in a powerful way: You can store any additional data in missions.
  • For example, you can set up a custom field called "Route" and give it options: Route 1, Route 2, Route 3.
  • You can then assign this value to missions either automatically via mission templates or manually.
  • Then, you can use the "Route" parameter to build reports on the dashboard. For example, you can track which of your delivery routes has more temperature deviations compared to the other ones.
  • Custom fields are also visible on the missions search table as well as on the individual mission page and mission PDF report.
  • Read more about custom fields and how to best utilise them at Logmore Help Center

Mission report additions

  • The mission PDF report now includes
    • Custom fields & mission template info
    • Data status: 100% complete, data complete until, no data or incomplete data
    • Alert info: Alerts are either checked or unchecked
    • Comments (and which alerts they point to)
    • Scans as list
    • Locations on map
    • Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)
    • Shocks data (if present in mission)

Mission template additions

  • Custom fields can be set in mission templates
  • You can set value for a custom field automatically or ask user for input either on mission start or mission end
  • You can set to ask user for specific mission start time when creating mission from template.

Navigation UX refinement

  • The main navigation bar has been decreased in width
  • This allows for more screen real estate to work with wide tables and dashboard reports

Bugfixes & refinements

  • Fixed an issue where alerts were calculated inaccurately if mission start time was adjusted and it had a checked alert at the very beginning of timeline.
  • Fixed a filetype issue in exporting measurements to Excel
  • Fixed an issue in exporting mission list to Excel/CSV: Alerts status column text
  • Fixed an issue where alert range indicators was not appearing for missions with probe temperature data
  • Added an option to bypass scan page "Data missing" warning
  • Added logger serial numbers (#ID) to measurement graph series on mission page & report
  • Improvements to demo account notification
  • Big performance upgrades under the hood
  • Data security upgrades