10.2.2021 - Data table update

  • Mission & logger search/listing pages have been completely revamped
  • Better searching and filtering. Can be used to get statistics about missions & loggers in various ways. List can also be exported to Excel/CSV
  • Includes a new powerful search engine API under the hood, which is also open for customers to use
  • For a Help Center article head here: https://www.notion.so/logmore/Analyzing-Missions-Data-3469f428144e4053826b996a7e3e0212

Other smaller things in this update:

  • Facelift to individual mission & logger page. They look nicer now! And the most relevant information (alert status, measurement graph) is closer to the top of the page.
  • Timezone selection in the top navigation bar. This allows for quick changes in how timestamps are displayed
  • Measurement graph has better, more contrasty colors
  • Measurement graph is bigger and scrollable on mobile devices so it’s easier to make sense of
  • Improved performance on opening the “New Mission” and “Edit Mission” pages on user accounts with a large number of logger accesses (such as our @logmore.com accounts). It used to take up to 1 minute to open the pages, now it takes 3 seconds
  • Bonus: Å-support in mission notes