How to add 'Missions with alerts breakdown' Report


Missions with alerts breakdown captures all missions that contain alerts, categorised by the factor you have chosen.


You are not able to add this report type, if you have not set up Mission templates or Custom fields. See

Add Custom fields
for more instructions.


First go to Logmore Cloud's Dashboard, scroll down and select "Add report" under your existing Reports. A new page showing the report type selection opens.


Select "Missions with alerts breakdown".


Define the factor you want to categorise the alerts by. From the dropdown menu, select one the following options:

As an example, you could use a custom field such as "Route" that you have created earlier:


After you selected the factor for making the breakdown, click "Save report" and the Report will be generated on your Dashboard.

Additional settings


Once the Report is ready, you are able to edit its time interval. The default interval is monthly. You can change it to weekly by clicking "monthly" and selecting "weekly" instead.