What are Custom fields in Missions?


Custom fields allow you to add and store extra data within missions – the data of your choice. With Custom fields you gain a better visibility to your operations: on the areas where you are currently experiencing most deviations, and which are performing the best.

Examples of Custom fields:

  • Delivery tracking ID
  • Delivery route
  • Transport method
  • Packaging type
  • Carrier
  • Tracking link
  • Type of goods



For example, if you add "Delivery route" as a Custom field and start gathering data on those within your missions, you will gain visibility to how much alerts there is occuring in different delivery routes.

You are able to fully define the naming as well as the content for your Custom fields. For instructions on how to add Custom fields, see

The Custom fields will be visible in the individual Mission report pages:


Utilising data from Custom fields


Once you have created Custom fields, it is important to take full advantage of them in other functionalities of Logmore. The Custom fields can be utilised in the following areas:

1. In individual Missions

Add Custom fields to a Mission that is created manually.

Quick guideline: Go to

view > Select "New mission" > "Advanced settings" > Scroll down for "Custom fields" > Select "Add new custom field" and follow instructions in
Add Custom fields

Note: we recommend adding Custom fields to Mission templates as that will provide the scale advantage over time. Custom fields can be used in individual Missions for one-time purposes.

2. In
Missions list

Include your Custom fields as new data columns.

See instruction:

3. In
Mission Templates

Add your Custom fields to mission templates.

There is different options on how Custom fields can be utilised for Mission templates. See more information here:

4. In
What are Dashboard and Reports?

Create Reports that utilise the Custom field data.

There are four Reports where you can utilise Custom fields. See more detailed instructions:

5. In your API or other 3rd party system

Send data from the custom field to your API or other 3rd part system.

If you are interested, contact support@logmore.com

Custom field types


Custom fields can be created in the following formats:

  • Dropdown list: predefined list of items where user selects one of them.
  • Text: free text field for the user to fill in.
  • Number: code/ID/set of numbers (no letters allowed) for the user to fill in.
  • Date: date & time for the user to select.
  • On/off switch: switch button for the user to click when needed.


We recommend utilising "Dropdown list" and "On/off switch" custom fields for their simple user experience. They also allow to use the breakdown Reports in your Dashboard.

How to define the right Custom fields for you


When planning new Custom fields, start by defining what data is valuable to you and what data you are able to track. It's important to plan this stage well in order to ensure successful utilisation of the Custom fields.

Do you want to know for example...

  • In which routes you have the most deviations in conditions?
  • In which transportation methods you get the highest amount of excursions?
  • Which types of goods are being shipped with least disturbances?
  • Which carriers are keeping the goods within the required conditions most consistently?

After deciding which Custom fields you want to add, it's time to create them in Logmore. For instructions, see


You will need to collect data for a some while, after adding the Custom fields, in order to be able to analyse the data in a meaningful way.