Set up alert notifications

Alert notifications are set in the team settings. They can be specified by individuals, so not everyone in the team will receive the same notifications.

To set up alert notifications, click on the "Settings" menu from the top right-hand navigation bar, and select "Teams". From there, select the team that you would like to change the notification settings for, and click on "Edit notifications". The following menu will then appear:


Avoiding spam

Imagine a case where alert rules have been set incorrectly or something has gone very wrong during the shipment (mission). User scans multiple loggers of this mission and then scans multiple history screens of each. A lot of alerts will be generated every few seconds. We don't want to send the user multiple notifications. Because of this the notifications are limited so for each type of alert (eg. temperature) and mission new notifications are sent only after 30 minutes has passed since the last notification.

Notification examples





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