Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor used in Logmore Three data loggers is the Silicon Labs Si7020-A20-GM1R.

For the temperature-only sensor used in Logmore One and Two Tags, see


Sensor specifications

Measurement range

Temperature: -40.0 °C ... + 85.0 °C

Relative humidity: 0.0 to 100.0 %RH

Absolute accuracy

Temperature: Typical ±0.4 °C, maximum ±0.5 °C

Humidity: ±0.4 °C - ±4 %RH


Temperature sensor resolution is configurable between 0.1 °C ... 20 °C.

Default resolution is variable: -30.0 °C ... -15.0 °C: resolution 1.0 °C -15.0 °C ... -2.0 °C: resolution 0.5 °C -2.0 °C ... +27.0 °C: resolution 0.2 °C +27.0 °C ... +43.0 °C: resolution 0.5 °C +43.0 °C ... +80.0 °C: resolution 1.0 °C

Humidity sensor configurable between 0.1 %RH ... 30.0 %RH

Humidity default resolution: 3 %RH


Temperature is calibrated ±0.4 °C at full range (–40.0 °C to +85.0 °C). Individual certificate available for each tag at the Logmore Cloud web service.

Temperature & humidity sensor location


To ensure these verifications are met, every individual sensor has been factory calibrated to these standards as stated on page two. Each data logger unit has been tested to correctly communicate with the temperature sensor as well as the cloud system. All data moved to the cloud service is encrypted with highly secure encryption algorithms. By all these means, and other additional security measures, we can ensure the validity and accuracy of the data system wide.

Logmore calibrates Logmore QR data loggers according to the NIST and ISO17025 standards. The calibration guarantees a maximum of 0.5°C inaccuracy in measurements.