Single Scan

You can use the Logmore Scanner to scan either a single QR data logger at a time or multiple in a rapid succession by using the 

 function. In the home screen of the Logmore Scanner, choose "Scan QR" to scan a single QR code, or "Scan multiple QR" to access the 
Bulk Scan with Logmore QR Scanner app
 function. For a step-by-step guide on how to use the scanner, see the instructions below.

Once you're in the scanning view, you can activate the flashlight function by pressing the "Volume +" button on your smartphone to make scanning easier in dark places. The Volume + button can typically be found on the right edge of a smartphone.

  1. Find Logmore Scanner in your phone's Apps page and open the app
  2. Choose "Scan QR" or "Scan multiple QR"
  3. Place a barcode or a QR code inside the viewfinder rectangle visible on your screen
  4. Once the camera has focused on the code, it automatically scans it
  5. If you get a pop-up with a link, click the link to move to Logmore Cloud

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