Logmore QR Scanner app (for Android)

We recommend using the Logmore QR Scanner when scanning with Android phones. You can find the Logmore QR Scanner app in Google Play Store: Logmore QR Scanner.

Logmore QR Scanner

  • Saves scanned QR tag links to history list - shows serial and scan date
  • Single QR code scan to automatically open Logmore Cloud
  • Scan multiple QR codes quickly without opening Cloud with 
    Bulk Scan with Logmore QR Scanner app
  • A shortcut link to Cloud without scanning a QR
  • Flashlight to make scanning in dark places easy

Install Logmore QR Scanner app

Logmore App is available in Google Play store for Android users.

  1. Go to the Google Play store page for Logmore Scanner.
  2. Click "Install"
  3. Done! You can find the app in your phone's Apps page


Bulk Scan with Logmore QR Scanner app
Single Scan