Scanning with Android

We recommend using the Logmore QR Scanner app when scanning with Android phones:

However, almost all modern Android smartphones have a QR code scanner built in. Usually the scanning functionality is a part of the camera app and simply works automatically when you point the camera to a QR code.

Step-by-step guide for scanning with Android

  1. Open the Logmore QR code scanner app
  2. Click "SCAN QR"
  3. Place the QR code inside the camera view on your screen
  4. Once the camera has focused on the code the Logmore Cloud is automatically opened and data is saved.
  5. If Logmore Cloud asks a permission to use your location, press "OK".
  6. If you get a notification ’Scan location not saved’, you need to enable your location data from phone settings*
  7. Go back to the Logmore App to scan more QR code


for troubleshooting and help

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