Scanning with a PC / Mass scan

Mass scan feature saves you time and automates the following processes when sending and receiving shipments:


  • a laser 2D barcode scanner connected to a PC with a USB or Bluetooth
  • one or several Logmore loggers
  • Logmore Cloud account
  • a pre-made mission template with correct alert rules (optional)

Quick Guide

  1. Log in to Logmore Cloud with your account.
  2. Go to Mass scan (a button on the left side panel)
  3. Connect your scanner to the PC
  4. Click Advanced settings and choose an action to happen after the logger has been scanned. See descriptions of each of these features below.
    1. None — you will be able to choose an action after scanning the loggers.
    2. Start a mission — you will be able to customize the name and choose a template.
    3. End all logger's ongoing missions — no additional actions needed.
  1. Set a cursor to the text field and scan a logger with the scanner connected to the PC. A link will appear in the text field.
  2. A list of scanned loggers will appear below. For all the scanned loggers, the missions will be started or ended, depending on your choice.

Choose an action yourself

When you use the mass scan feature, a preview of the scan view opens on the screen. If you have not chosen any automated actions, you can:

  • Quickly start a new mission
  • Link a logger to a team (if the logger is scanned for the first time)
  • Access all the data available on the regular scan page

Start a mission after scan

By checking the option "Start a mission" you open up the settings available for the automated mission creation.

  1. Select the mission naming policy:
    • Start a mission with a generic name + timestamp (Example: "My mission 2019-10-07 13:45:99")
    • Start a mission with a custom name every time Enter a name manually or scan a barcode that can be a mission's name, for example, a a unique tracking ID or air waybill. For that, you need to scan a barcode immediately after scanning the logger.
  1. (Optional) Choose a suitable mission template with the alert rules suitable for the shipment, see
    Mission Templates
    for more details.
  2. (Optional) Select a delay for the mission start time.  For example, if you enter 5 in the field, the mission will have a start time 5 minutes from the moment you make the scan (if scan time is 09:00 --> mission start time will be 09:05).
  3. 💡

    The delay is useful when you want to ignore a potential spike in data caused by a short time that the logger spends between activation and reaching the stable temperature of the container it is placed in.

  4. Place your cursor on the text field near the top of the page (the text field that reads 'Place cursor here and scan QR tag with laser scanner').
  5. Scan your loggers one by one. The missions will be started automatically. You might need to add a mission's name if you have chosen a custom name.

End missions after scan

Select 'End all logger's ongoing missions' in the Advanced settings on the Mass scan page. This action will end an ongoing mission immediately when the QR logger is scanned.

This action is useful to receive shipments and uploading condition monitoring data.

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