Scanning with a PC / Mass scan

Scanning QR codes with a PC is best with a USB or Bluetooth connected scanners.

Recommended way to scan Logmore data loggers is by using the Logmore Cloud's Mass Scan tool with a scanner connected to the PC. Mass Scan also enables automation features not available in other scanning tools.

Logmore Mass Scan tool works in your browser within Logmore Cloud with any PC connected QR code scanner.

Mass scanning

To use the mass scan feature with a laser 2D code scanner, go to web.logmore.com/mass-scanner, place your cursor on the text field (as instructed in the mass scan view) and scan QR with the scanner. 


Preview scan page

When you use the mass scan feature, a preview of the scan view opens on the screen. This preview can be used to:

  • Quickly start a new mission
  • Link a logger to a team (if the logger is scanned for the first time)
  • See the custom scan page (if one has been assigned)
  • Access all the data available on the regular scan page
  • The Mass Scan function also allows you to assign automatic start or end to missions of the scanned loggers. Read for more information.


Mass Scan Automation

Available automated actions after Logmore QR loggers are mass scanned include:

  • Starting a mission
  • Ending all logger's ongoing missions

You may also select that mass scanning will not trigger any actions.

Find the settings for automated actions under Advanced settings of the Mass scan page.
Find the settings for automated actions under Advanced settings of the Mass scan page.

Starting a mission automatically

By checking the option "Start a mission" you open up the settings available for the automated mission.



  1. Select the mission naming policy
    • Start a mission with a generic name + timestamp (Example: "My mission 2019-10-07 13:45:99")
    • Start a mission with a custom name every time (Enter a name manually or by using a laser scanner)
  2. Optional: Choose alert rules  
    Getting started with alerts
    Mission Templates
    if your team has those available
  3. Optional: Select a delay for the mission start time. For example, if you enter 5 in the field, the mission will have a start time 5 minutes from the moment you make the scan (if scan time is 09:00 --> mission start time will be 09:05).
  4. 💡

    The delay is useful when you want to ignore a potential spike in data caused by a short time that the logger spends between activation and reaching the stable temperature of the container it is placed in.

  5. Place your cursor on the field near the top of the page ('Place cursor here and scan QR tag with laser scanner')
  6. Now you are ready to start creating missions.


Start a mission with a custom name every time

  1. Scan the Logmore logger
  2. Immediately after that scan any other barcode or 2D code

The Mass Scan tool will read the contents of the barcode/2D code and use that as the name of the mission.


Scan shipment ID or order ID

Start a mission with a generic name + timestamp

  1. Scan the Logmore logger

The Mass Scan tool will start a new mission for the scanned logger with the naming policy selected.


Automatically ending missions

When you want to end missions immediately when the QR logger is scanned, select 'End all logger's ongoing missions'. This setting is found under Advanced settings on the Mass scan page.

By choosing this option, scanning the QR logger ends all missions the logger is part of immediately upon scanning.

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