Individual Logger Pages

The logger view for individual loggers is a central way to manage the data and settings of any single Logmore QR logger.


On the logger page you can

  • see the model of the logger
  • (re)name the logger
  • add a note to the logger
  • see the current measurement interval settings
  • access setting configuration
  • access calibrations and certifications
  • view the measurement history as a graph or a list
  • add comments
  • browse the scan history of the logger
  • archive the logger

The available measurement data depends on the logger model and settings. Older model One and Two QR tags only support temperature measuring, while modern versions allow monitoring of ambient light as well. In addition to light and temperature, Model Three QR tags are capable of measuring humidity, shocks and tilts. Different sensors can be set enabled or disabled in the logger settings (accessed by clicking "Edit" in the Measurement interval section of the logger information box).

Measurement history

Measurement history graph data can be toggled for each available variable by clicking the checkboxes under the graph.


Location history

Location history is shown as a map when location data is available. If no location data exists for the logger, the map is replaced with the text "This logger does not have any locations saved yet".


The comment field of the logger page can be used to make any notes, explanations or observations related to that specific logger.


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