Loggers list in Logmore Cloud

Loggers list in Logmore Cloud

This section covers the instructions on managing loggers on the Loggers page in Logmore Cloud.

Search loggers


Start writing logger information in the search box. You can search by logger ID, name, or last scan location.

Sort loggers based on column info


To sort your loggers, you can click column header with an arrow (▲ or ▼) to rank loggers between ascending or descending order.

Filter loggers or Create filter sets


Click 'Filter results' and a pop up will open. You can enter a keyword and/or add conditions from the dropdown menu. When you add multiple conditions, only the loggers are show that satisfy ALL conditions specified. Click 'Apply changes' to be able to see the results.

You can save the filter sets by clicking 'Save filter set', so you can use the same conditions at a later time.

Filter sets you have created can be accessed by clicking 'Filter sets'

Editing Columns displayed


You can modify the columns and their order on the Loggers page. Click on the "Columns" button as seen below, and the following menu will then appear:

To rearrange the order that the columns are displayed on the "Loggers" page, simply drag and drop the column that you want to rearrange. To take a particular column away from the display entirely, click on the check box next to the filter you want to remove (as shown above).

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