Logger Settings

You can edit the settings of each logger under 'Logger information' within individual logger pages in Logmore Cloud.


Logger Name

Each logger can be set to have a name for easier identification.


Optional: you can add notes to specify for which purposes the logger is used.


Each logger has a unique ID how they can be identified.



for more information.

Measurement interval


to learn how to change measurement interval and other settings.

Calibrations and certificates

Click 'Calibrations and certificates' to access and/or download the certificates of the logger.


If a logger is not actively in use any more it can be archived for it to not show up searches.

Archived loggers can be accessed using the Loggers search by adding a filter "Archived - is - true" See how to use Loggers search:

Advanced settings

Public read access

When 'Public read access' is on, the data of the logger can be accessed by anyone who scans the QR code, no need for them to have Logmore Cloud account or permissions.

Use the public read access to allow your customers or employees without their own accounts access to the data.


Only make a logger public when you are sure the data is OK to be available to anyone.

Auto-stop missions on scan

Missions can be set to end automatically on scan in logger's default settings. This means that after the mission is started, the following scanning of the QR code will end the mission and the report will be created.

You should select auto-stop missions on scan if only one scan is planned to take place at the end of the mission.


Even with the auto-stop feature enabled all data will always be secured. Missions can be edited even after it's been ended. See how:

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