Logger Set-up Heavy-duty Guide

Step-by-step guide

A specific, step-by-step deep guide of the set up process and use the QR data loggers.

  1. A shipment of Logmore QR data loggers arrives at the shipping address
  2. Press the multi-function button to take the QR data logger from the welcome screen to operation mode
  3. Scan the QR code that appears on the screen
  4. Cloud UI opens with the popup "This tag has not been linked to any team. Link to your team now?"
  5. Follow the instructions provided to associate the QR data logger to your team
  6. The assigned team has now read & write access to the logger on Logmore Cloud and the QR data logger cannot be linked to other teams anymore
  7. Attach the QR logger to the monitored item using the adhesive sticker on the backside of the logger
  8. Your QR logger is now logging data. From now on, you only need to scan the QR code to retrieve the measurement data

To quit using a QR data logger, select "Archive logger" on that logger's page in Logmore Cloud. When you archive a QR data logger, no data generated by that logger is available after the date of archiving. Old data is still available in Logmore Cloud. No further invoices are generated for archived loggers.*

*The minimum billing time for every logger is 12 months even if the customer archives the logger during this time.

What is in the Logmore QR data logger?



We recommend storing non-activated Logmore QR data loggers in room temperature (approximately 20°C) to keep them in perfect condition. While the QR data loggers are designed with a wide range of conditions in mind, storing them in cold or hot for extended periods of time may cause minor inaccuracies in the device clock. You can recognize non-activated QR data loggers by the welcome message on the device screen.

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