Logger Configuration

As every use case likely has slightly different monitoring needs, configuring logger settings to better suit those needs is often necessary.

For large batches of loggers using the same settings for a longer time, Logmore provides the QR data loggers already configured if the parameters are known. For individual logger configuration, the customer can use the Logmore Flasher.

The Flasher blinks black and white rapidly. If you're sensitive to blinking lights, it's recommended to not look while the device is flashing.


NOTICE: Configuring new settings to the QR data logger will erase its internal memory! To make sure no measurement gets lost, scan the logger before you change the settings

Full sequence of how to light config:

  1. Open the logger's config page (link found at Loggers page)
  2. Select new settings (for example logging interval and shock threshold)
  3. Click "Config now"
  4. New configurations are saved to the database and granted a sequence number (in a growing order with each new configuration)
  5. Hold the data logger's 
    Multi-use button functionality
     for 3-4 seconds, release and the text "Downloading new config..." should appear on the logger's screen
  6. Place the QR data logger screen down on the rectangle on your smartphone's (or computer's) screen and wait for the Flasher to confirm successful configuration

During the configuration, Logmore Flasher blinks black and white "morse code" to the device. This flashing programs the new configuration into the QR data logger device.



Things to note:

  • The measurement interval is set in minutes
  • Available channels differ based on the model of your data logger. See
  • Logger Models
    Logger Models
  • Shocks are measured based on a threshold, not the interval. If you enable the shocks channel and set the shock threshold at 10g, the logger will save every shock it detects that goes over that value
  • Battery saving mode: This setting saves the logger's battery by updating its screen (and the QR code on it) less frequently. For example, if you set the measurement interval at 30 minutes and the battery saving mode at 2X, the QR code will only be refreshed every 60 minutes, even though new measurements are gathered every 30 minutes.

Regarding the battery saving mode: If this setting is turned on, please note that - at any given time - it is very likely the logger has more measurements in its memory than it shows in the QR code. To make sure all the latest measurements get uploaded to Logmore Cloud, please refresh the logger's screen manually by pressing the multi-function button before scanning it.

Multi-use button functionality