Logger Battery

Battery life

Data per QR code varies depending on the actual measurements the logger records. The simpler the data recorded, the more measurements fit into one QR code.

Shocks use more data from the QR than temperature (more numbers per measurement).Based on this the amount of measurements per QR varies a lot. Avg. is close to 2000, but could be anything between a few hundred and 10000.


The battery & data calculator is available at web.logmore.com/batterycalc

Logmore battery specifications

Battery used in the data logger is a normal widely used “Lithium Coin” battery with following specifications:

Chemical system: Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)

Nominal voltage: 3.0V

Energy capacity*: 135mAh (to 2.0 volts)

Typical Li Content*: 0.042 grams

Energy Density*: 119 milliwatt hr/g, 472 milliwatt hr/cc

Typical Weight*: 3.0 grams

Typical Volume*: 0.83 cubic centimeters

* Varies slightly by manufacturer

Custom orders can include different battery setups to suit various temperature zones or otherwise less common use cases.

For more information on the custom battery setups, please contact Logmore team.

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