Logger Attachment

Logmore QR data loggers are supplied with an adhesive sticker. The sticker can be found on the backside of the QR data logger, inside the wrap.

The sticker can be used to securely attach the QR data logger to most smooth surfaces. If the surface is rough, we recommend placing a piece of packaging or duct tape on it first and then attaching the QR data logger's sticker to it.

To use the adhesive sticker for attachment:

  1. Clean the surface you wish to attach the QR data logger to
  2. Peel off the QR data logger's wrap to reveal the sticker
  3. Press and hold the QR data logger's backside firmly against the surface

Note: The adhesive sticker is strong. Please take care when using the sticker, as removing the QR data logger may be difficult after the adhesive has set.