Getting started with alerts

As a crucial part of 

, alerts offer the chance to instantly recognize unacceptable measurements in the history data.

You can find alerts in each mission's settings on the missions page in Logmore Cloud.

Getting started with alerts

  1. Log in to Logmore Cloud (see
    Account Log In
    for instructions)
  2. Go to the Mission Templates
  3. Create a new Mission Template (see
    Creating Mission templates
    for more info)

Setting alert rules

Alert rules are most effective when added to


Scroll down to find more detailed information on adding new alerts and


This mission template has already one alert rule.
This mission template has already one alert rule.

The alert parameters can be set in the section Alert rules on the mission template creation page. The parameters offered depend on the sensors available in the QR data loggers included in that mission.

Adding alert rules to individual missions

When you create a new mission, you can set alert parameters for the mission in question. Alerts can also be added to an existing mission by clicking "Edit mission" on the mission's page.

If you wish to add new alerts to an existing mission, you can do so by clicking "Edit mission" next to the mission name on that mission's page.


Where can I find the alerts that have been triggered?

Triggered alerts can be found in the relevant mission's page. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the section Alerts. Mission pages also show a notification at the top of the page if any alerts have triggered.


Marking triggered alerts checked

You can mark alerts checked to move it to the "checked" tab of the list and won't show up as a notification on the scan page.


Commenting on triggered alerts

If something needs to be said about a specific alert (e.g. "Don't mind this, it was a mistake on my part, I left the logger on a table in room temperature") it can be done using the commenting system of missions. Click on the Add comment -button on a specific alert and the UI automatically prefills the needed hashtag to the comment.

When a comment has been posted, it can be clicked if it contains an alert hashtag. The UI then scrolls down to the specific alert on the list and highlights it for a couple of seconds. This way it's easy to see what the details of the alert in question are. The number of comments on an alert is also indicated in the table.

You can make comments on triggered alerts on the mission's page by clicking "+Add comment" in the alert field. Commenting on alerts can help clarify what has happened and why, and whether the alert can be ignored or not. You can find the commenting option in the same place as the check marking in the Alerts section of the mission.

Clicking the "+ Add comment" button brings you to the comment field and automatically adds the alert's ID in a hashtag format to link the comment to that alert.

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