Export raw data

The reporting data in Logmore Cloud is available for download/export.

Downloading data

The raw data can be accessed on both mission and logger pages of the Logmore Cloud. To access a mission or a logger's data, simply click "open" on the relevant list page. The link to the downloads can be found right after the measurement history section of the pages, before the location data.


By clicking the "View as list or download Excel" button, you'll be redirected to a page where you can choose your reporting method. Regardless of the format, the data is the same. Currently there are three different options:

  • online list
  • Excel file
  • CSV file
  • PDF file

Available formats

There are two main types of reports, one for missions and one loggers. 

In addition to online lists, the data is available as:

  • Excel
  • CSV 
  • PDF

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