Creating missions ex post (afterwards)

Missions can also be created and edited afterwards / after shipment has arrived. This is helpful if for some reason a mission was not started when the shipment was sent. You only need to define the shipment start and ending times and you will be able to smoothly access the mission data.

This functionality is possible because Logmore data loggers keep taking measurements after they are activated the first time. (Make sure the loggers are activated, as before that they do not start measuring.)

To create Mission, go to Missions page.

  1. Click "New Mission"
  2. Select the template that will be used for the mission (if templates have been set up)
  3. Enter a name for the Mission to make it easy to identify (for example, shipment number + destination)
  1. Select the loggers you want to include in the Mission
  2. Set custom start time for the Mission. The default is "now".
  3. After creating a mission, choose "End mission"

7. Next choose "Edit mission" to edit mission timeline


8. Scroll down to Mission timeline and choose Mission start and ending time


9. Click save and review the Mission data