Archive Missions and Loggers

Archive missions and loggers if you donโ€™t want them to appear on your data lists and dashboard reports. This feature is relevant for loggers out of use and past missions, from which data has already been collected and analyzed.

Note that the data associated with an archived mission or a logger will not be deleted and can still be accessed.

Archive missions

  1. Go to the Missions page (Mission button located on the left panel in your Logmore Cloud).
  2. Click on a mission you want to archive. It will bring you to the individual mission page.
  3. Click Archive mission. Now this mission will not appear on the mission list and in your Dashboard reports.
  4. You can click Unarchive mission to make it reappear on the list.

Archive loggers

  1. Go to the Loggers page (Loggers button on the left panel in your Logmore Cloud).
  2. Select the logger you want to archive.
  3. In the Logger information box, click Archive now.
  4. You can click Unarchive now to have this logger reappear on your list.

Find archived missions and loggers by applying a filter

  1. From the Missions page or Loggers page, select Add filters.
  2. Select data column should be Archived. Choose โ€œisโ€ and โ€œYesโ€ from drop-down lists.
  3. Click Apply changes. You will see only archived missions or loggers on the respective lists.
  4. Save this filter set to access archived missions or loggers quickly.
  5. Apply filters, click Save filter set, name this filter set, and save. Now you can access this set from Filter sets.