Quick Guides

These short printable instructions explain how to use Logmore Products. Feel free to download and distribute upon your need.

Getting Started Guide

This guide helps you understand and implement Logmore solutions to ensure the best condition monitoring for your shipments.

Getting started guide.pdf2224.0KB

Scanning instructions

You can attach these instructions to a shipment together with a data logger to ensure that the receiving side knows how to scan and upload information from Logmore Guardians.

  • English
A4 scanning - eng.pdf788.4KB
  • Spanish
A4 scanning - es.pdf831.8KB
  • French
A4 scanning - fr.pdf816.5KB
  • Russian
A4 scanning - ru.pdf1033.6KB
  • Empty template

Fill in this template with the scanning instructions in a language of your choice in any PDF Editor.

A4 - empty template.pdf417.1KB

Scan History QR Codes

Discover how to access and scan History QR codes. History QR codes are created to safely store your data if you are not able to scan a single QR code before its data storage capacity is reached.

Scan History QR Codes.pdf833.1KB