We are here to make sure you are able to use Logmore successfully.

If you encounter problems while using Logmore

  • See Frequently Asked Questions
    or search for a relevant Help Center article
  • Message us via chat (🟢 click the green button in the bottom right corner)
  • Contact us via email support@logmore.com
  • With urgent issues, give us a call through your contact person at Logmore

Make sure you are providing all relevant information in your message (for example, Mission name and Logger IDs).

Policy about potentially defected data loggers

In case you notices defects in your Logmore loggers, first contact Logmore support via email or chat.

If the loggers in question are identified as faulty ones, send these loggers to us. We will save all data for free and examine the loggers for our R&D purposes. We will also replace the loggers free of charge as long as the logger has not been damaged during use.

Address for sending loggers:

Logmore Oy Kympinkatu 7 40320 Jyväskylä Finland