Cannot Login?

If you have trouble logging in, go through this list:

  1. Make sure your email address and password are written correctly.
  2. Typing errors are the most common reason for failed login attempts. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is turned off (CAPS LOCK causes all letters to be in the upper case. Passwords are case-sensitive while email addresses are not.)

  3. Make sure there is no issue related to stuck keys.
  4. (Note: Not relevant if you use a digital keyboard such as that of modern smartphones.)

    A key being stuck or broken is another common reason for incorrect passwords.

  5. Are you trying to access Logmore Cloud via a bookmark?
  6. Bookmarks may cause issues related to authentication. Try accessing Logmore Web directly either with this link web.logmore.com and ensure that the URL in your browser's bar only contains that text.

  7. Are you using another company's portal of Logmore Cloud?
  8. (Usually recognizable from another company logo in menus and the text "Powered by Logmore")

    If you're using another company's portal, make sure you have the required user access. Try contacting your contact in the portal's owner organization or the contact specified in the instructions you may have received from them.


Login still failing? Contact support@logmore.com for assistance.