This section covers the instructions and information on Logmore authentication methods and specifics on user security.

In-depth information on Logmore System Security is available here:  Logmore Service and Data Security.

Security at Logmore

Security is one of Logmore's top priorities. All data the logger collects is encrypted and then transferred through a secure connection. Logmore Cloud also protected by the best cyber protection currently available. Enabling data collection without unsecure USB connections is a key mission for Logmore.

Logmore QR data logger encryption

Measurement data saved within the logger internal memory is compressed and encrypted into the link contained in the QR code. Data contained in the link can only be opened with secret encryption keys that are stored securely in the web service database.

The only information that can be read from the link without encryption keys is the device’s serial number. As each device has its own unique encryption key, the serial number must be included in the link unencrypted for the web service to find the encryption key for the given device.

User Interface security

The data stored in the secure database can be presented at web service’s user interface or API. To receive the data, the user must be authenticated and authorized to read the data. An unauthorized person or client cannot read any information it doesn’t have access to in the system.

Logger-to-database security

All data coming into the web service from logger devices is encrypted. Data can’t be altered by editing the incoming data without encryption keys. If the data has been altered during logger and web service communication process the web service does not accept the incoming data block. Encryption keys are stored securely in the web service database.

In emergency cases a person with admin access to used loggers can request encryption keys from Logmore customer support to open logger’s measurement data without a connection to Logmore Cloud. In these cases the responsibility to keep the sent encryption key safe is transferred to the user.

Logmore Cloud security

Measurement data that is uploaded to Logmore Cloud cannot be edited or altered by users in any way. To ensure measurement data and authorization information security in the communication between user or client and web service, the user interface and API always force encrypted HTTPS-connections for all users and clients consuming the data.

Web service infrastructure

The computation, storage and internet connection resources used to run the web service are acquired to Logmore from Amazon Web Services (AWS). To ensure data persistence in extreme cases where whole AWS becomes unreliable, system is backing up all data every night to another 3rd party data center.

All the best security practices are used system wide to minimize security risks involved running system that’s components are communicating through internet.

System is constantly monitored to prevent and notice performance issues, anomalies, invalid data or attacks.


Users or system clients consuming data or user interfaces provided by web service are always authenticated through Auth0 identity provider platform. Authentication is ISO27001, ISO27018 compliant with HIPAA BAA and EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and has achieved a Level 2 audit Gold CSA Star certification for its cloud service security capabilities.

Logmore Data flow

To get an overall understanding on how data flows within Logmore solution, see the picture below.

Data flow order: Sensor data > QR code > URL > Database > Logmore Cloud and/or API > optional: 3rd party system


In case of issues

Last additional layer of security comes from acknowledging that no system is perfect. Logmore’s operations staff are monitoring the system around the clock and each person has been trained to act upon any issues occurring in the system.