Send shipments

To send shipments with Logmore Scanpoint you need:

  • A unique barcode ID for each mission
    • This barcode can be any 2D barcode. Usually it's air waybill, tracking ID or such
  • Logmore QR Guardian(s) or Logmore QR Dry Ice logger(s)
    • Logmore Scanpoint only works with Logmore QR Guardians and Logmore QR Dry Ice loggers
  • At least one
    Mission Templates

How to create missions

  • Select Prepare Shipments
  • Choose correct Mission Template for the shipments you are preparing
    • If a user has access to only one Mission Template that template is automatically selected
    • image
  • Set the delay in minutes for missions. Default delay is 0 minutes.
  • image
  • Scan the unique barcode to be used as Mission ID
    • This will be the name of the missions in the Cloud
    • image
  • Scan the QR data loggers to be attached to this mission
    • Logmore Scanpoint checks the following things:
      • Mission status
      • User permissions
      • Logger health
  • Click "Save Mission"
  • image
  • You can continue creating missions with same Mission Template and delay by just scanning the next barcode for Mission ID
  • image