Logmore Scanpoint User Guide

Logmore Scanpoint is a 2D barcode scanner built for the operational employees in the warehouse to speed up and automate the following processes:

✔️ Attaching logger to a Mission (check


✔️ Creating mission from

✔️ Connecting a unique tracking ID or air waybill to a Mission

✔️ Receiving shipments

Quick Setup

This page guides you through the first steps required to start using Logmore Scanpoint. These are:

  • Switch on the device
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Login to your Logmore Cloud account
  • Check that charging cable is not connected before starting

Send shipments

For sending shipments with Logmore Scanpoint, follow the steps detailed in the guide.

  • Prepare Mission Templates you will use for monitoring shipment conditions
  • Choose a suitable Mission Template and set the mission start delay
  • Scan Mission ID (a tracking ID or air waybill) and a Logmore Guardian and save this mission
  • Continue scanning if you want to create missions with the same template

Receive Shipments

If you receive shipments using Logmore Scanpoint, follow the steps detailed in the guide.

  • Select Receive shipments in the Home menu
  • Scan a Logmore Guardian to check for alerts and upload data to the Cloud
  • End the mission, if needed

⚙️ Tech Specs

More info on the device can be found here: https://en.seuic.com/product.html?id=pipvOD9a