Scanning QR codes

Scanning QR codes is easy. Logmore's QR codes are just like any other QR's and can be scanned with the same tools utilised for other QR codes.

Guides for different scanning devices:

Scanning with iPhone
Scanning with Android
Scanning with a PC / Mass scan
Logmore Scanpoint User Guide

for scanning and uploading (printable)


Scan the QR code with your smartphone.


Click the notification link that appears on the screen.


Allow the use of location data, when asked.


Data is now uploaded to Logmore Cloud


You should receive a notification on allowing sharing the location when scanning a Logmore QR data logger. Allowing this is highly recommended. Logmore Cloud only uses the location data to save the scan on the map.

For troubleshooting, see:

Enabling Scan Location Data

If needed, scan also the history QR codes.

A single QR code can contain only a specific amount of information. You may need to browse the historical QR codes if a long time has passed since the previous scan. Check

for instructions.


To make scanning faster or when scanning large amount of QR logger in a fixed location, we recommend mass scanning.