Reporting & Quality Assurance

Streamline your Quality Assurance processes and ensure proper storage and transport conditions for your cargo by making the right information available at the right time for the right person.


Logmore Cloud advanced reporting features make it into a powerful Quality Assurance tool for the life sciences industry.

Monitor shipments in the Cloud

  • Overview reports in Dashboard

The Dashboard is a customizable deck of various reports regarding your shipments and alerts. You can adjust the Dashboard to fit your monitoring needs. For example, you can review the breakdown of successful and failed missions by month and group missions by the template used.

  • Analyze alerts

On a mission's individual page, you can review the alerts that have been triggered. Add comments regarding alerts (for example, why it has been triggered) or mark alerts as "checked."

  • Filter and search for missions

On the Missions page, overview all the ongoing and ended missions. Search for a specific mission or apply filters to view selected missions.

Create & export reports

Create Mission reports from a mission's individual page and export them in various formats.

From the Missions page, select the missions for which you want to download reports or spreadsheets. Click Actions and choose the type of the report and format. Add emails of people who will receive a download link to get the documents from Logmore Notifications. You can select people who don’t have a Logmore account.

  • Export Calibration Certificates for loggers

Find a logger's Calibration Certificate on the logger's page.

  • Export reports from Dashboard

  • Export raw data

From Missions and Loggers pages, download raw data in various formats. Automatic export of data into 3rd-party software is enabled by


Stay up to date on your shipments

  • Receive emails on triggered alerts

Team members receive email notifications as soon as an alert is triggered upon data upload to the Cloud. Modify these settings, adjust visibility, and invite external members in your Team Settings.

  • Send Mission reports to stakeholders outside of your team

When using

feature, you can send the reports to people who do not have Logmore accounts.

  • Automatically receive reports

with Logmore Cloud facilitate automated reporting on completed missions and other actions to relevant stakeholders.

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