Recycling loggers


Logmore loggers should be recycled separately as electronic waste. Please do not dispose of them as general waste or household recyclables.

Logmore Guardians contain non-rechargeable Lithium “coin” batteries. The average battery life for the Logmore Guardian is 4 years on a 15 minutes measurement interval. Depending on the data use, the battery life can vary. Use our Battery Calculator to estimate the battery life under various settings. After the battery’s capacity is exhausted, the logger is not functional.

You can send your used Logmore QR data loggers back to Logmore for recycling. Address information:

Logmore Oy

Logger recycling department

Ahjokatu 18

40320 Jyväskylä


Follow your region’s guidelines for disposing electronics if you wish to dispose of the used loggers yourself. Find a certified recycler or hazardous waste collection point to dispose of the loggers.

Electronic waste disposal resources:

WEEE Forum (Waste electrical and electronic equipment)