What are QR data loggers?

What are QR data loggers?

Light-weight and easy-to-use QR loggers have been designed with operational easiness, efficiency and durability in mind. No gateways need to be installed, no laptops carried or special reader equipment purchased.

QR data logger overview


Logmore QR data logger has:

  • an e-ink screen that updates the QR code every time a new measurement is saved
  • memory for ~ 20 000 measurements
  • accurate sensors that vary by the model (see
    Logmore Guardians Models
    Logmore Guardians Models
  • a multi-use button that can be pressed to cycle through history or held to enter configuration mode. See
    Multi-use button functionality

Dynamic QR code

Logmore loggers include a dynamic QR code: the device screen updates every time the QR logger saves new measurement data.

The QR code...

  • is used for both data transmission and as a method to save the collected monitoring data.
  • contains the measurement data in itself as a link. The link itself includes all the data, which is then translated into numbers and graphs in the Logmore Cloud once scanned.
  • contains different amount of data depending on the actual measurements the logger records. The simpler the data recorded, the more measurements fit into one QR code. In constant conditions with little to no variation, the data is compressed more efficiently, allowing more data to be stored in the QR code.

On average, the amount of measurements saved in one QR code is close to 2 000, but could be anything between a few hundred and 10 000. For example shocks use more data from the QR than temperature (more numbers per measurement).


The battery & data calculator is available at web.logmore.com/batterycalc

History QR codes

If you're not getting all the data you'd expect to from a specific timeframe, you should access and scan older QR codes saved to the logger's memory. See more

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