Web hooks

Logmore platform supports web hooks that can be triggered for various events, for example:

`New scan occured` ➡ `Send HTTP POST to url`

Web hook content

The content of web hook can be configured to fit most needs. Also the headers can be customized so many types of authorization are supported.

Use cases

Most common use case for outgoing webhooks is data syncronization to external system:

1 - QR Tag is scanned

2 - New data is saved to Logmore platform

3 - Webhook is sent to 3rd party system triggering data sync workflow

4 - 3rd party system downloads the new data from Logmore API for given QR Tag

Great! How to get started?

Web hooks are not publicly available at our API or UI - they must be activated by Logmore admins. Please contact support@logmore.com.

We also welcome all our customers and partners to our Slack where we can discuss things very efficiently 👍

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