Integrations & API

Our open, well-documented API enables powerful integrations between Logmore Cloud and 3rd-party software used by our customers.

With these integrations, you can analyze and reuse your data in different software, as well as import your own data to Logmore Cloud and automate certain processes, such as mission creation.

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Loggers & Integrations
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What is an API?

API (Application Programming Interface) works as an intermediary between two applications. It enables data retrieval and exchange between Logmore Cloud and a 3rd-party program, for example, our client’s WMS (Warehouse Management System).


Essentially, API integrations are used for automating processes, such as starting or ending a mission, exchanging data, or building a new UI (User Interface) based on Logmore technologies.

Logmore provides a well-documented API based on REST standards. Next, our customer should create their own software that enables data exchange with Logmore Cloud. Contact Logmore for further details on prices and specifications.

What can you achieve with Logmore Integrations?

  • Import data from 3rd-party software to Logmore Cloud

For example, you can automatically start, end, or modify missions based on the shipping schedule available in your WMS.

  • Export and save data from Logmore Cloud to another system

This feature allows you to automatically export data related to missions and loggers from Logmore Cloud. You can then link this information with other data on shipments and perform further operations in your 3rd-party system.

  • Automate reporting

You can automatically receive reports on completed missions or other actions.

  • Build alternative UI based on Logmore Technology

By duplicating raw data stored in Logmore Cloud, you can build your own software with a different UI.

Integration Services offered by Logmore

Third-Party System Connector Service 

Seamlessly export data from Logmore to third-party software

Our Connector Service is an extension to the Basic Service. It provides a mobile user interface for end-users of the Data Loggers, while the data collected by loggers is exported to a third-party system.


Your third-party solution is up and running, and you want to import the data collected by Logmore Data Loggers into this system. In this case, Logmore Cloud is not used as an interface for reporting and data analysis.

What is included:

  • Measurement and data collection
  • Additional Mission information
  • Notifications
  • Mobile and desktop versions
  • API access

Contact sales@logmore.com for more details about the pricing and enablement of this feature.

Other API services

Logmore provides a well-documented API based on REST standards. Next, you should create own software that enables data exchange with Logmore Cloud.

Contact sales@logmore.com for further details and specifications.

Types of integrations

  • Basic API

Data is uploaded to or exported from Logmore Cloud upon request from the 3rd-party system. For example, WHS requests data on all missions started for a certain period.

The primary operations are data retrieval, creation, modification, replacement, and deletion from a database.

  • Webhooks

Information exchange automatically starts upon a certain event (aka PUSH) in Logmore Cloud. That is, when a new scan or alert has occurred, Logmore API sends a push to 3rd-party software. This event kicks off data exchange between the systems.

Note that Webhooks are not publicly available and should be activated by Logmore admins. Please contact support@logmore.com.


When these integrations are enabled, Logmore Cloud still ensures that your data is secure: it decrypts, decompresses, and saves all the data before handing it over to a 3rd-party system via API. For further details see