Monitoring inbound shipments

If you receive shipments that are sent by a third party, you can use Logmore to monitor the shipment conditions.

Provide the sender with QR data loggers and give the instructions about placing the logger.

To ensure that you can successfully monitor the conditions of inbound shipments, make sure you provide instructions to the sender. Follow the below steps to set up the process.

Make sure you set up the correct settings that will enable efficient monitoring and provide you with the right data. Note that the exact configurations often depend on the type of goods you are shipping and your monitoring needs.


  • Make sure your Logmore Account is set up. Activate QR data loggers that the sender attaches to the shipment.

  • Provide the sender with instructions about attaching a logger to a package or monitored object. It can be attached with an adhesive sticker or a supermagnet inside or outside the packaging. The placement of a logger depends on the conditions you are monitoring (e.g., temperature, shock, light).

Send shipment

  • The sender attaches QR data loggers to shipments according to your instructions and sends the shipment.
  • The sender informs you about the starting time of the shipment.
  • Logmore Guardians collect measurements as soon as they are activated. You will be able to collect data from the logger.

Receive shipment & collect data

  • Scan the QR data loggers to upload the data to the cloud.
  • You might need to access history QR codes. If the capacity of one QR code is filled, all the data is stored in a History QR code, while the incoming data is recorded in a new QR code. Check the instructions below.

Create mission & analyze

In order to check if the conditions during this shipment were satisfactory, you need to create a mission in Logmore Cloud.

  • Log into your Logmore Account from your smartphone.
  • After scanning the QR data logger with your smartphone, press "Create new mission." Enter the basic settings to help you identify this mission.
  • Set up alert rules depending on what are your monitoring needs.
  • Modify the timeline in the Advanced settings. The end time should be the time when you've received the shipment. The starting time should be the time when the shipment was sent.
  • Logmore Cloud will inform you if alerts have been triggered. You will see the notification on the scan page of your smartphone and in Logmore Cloud. Alert notifications can be sent via email to you and other team members.
  • Check the data regarding this shipment in Logmore Cloud.

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