Understand the main Logmore features

Logmore QR data logger

When the QR data logger has been activated and the QR code is visible on the screen, the logger starts measuring. The QR logger continues measuring until the end of its usage time.

Every new measurement is saved to the QR logger's internal memory, which can include up to ~20 000 measurements. QR data logger uses efficient packaging algorithms when creating the QR code. Once its saved, QR logger generates a new QR code to the screen including 1000-10 000 latest measurements. The more stable the conditions are, the more measurements can be included in the QR code.

Measurements are uploaded to Logmore cloud by scanning the QR code. If there has been a longer time between scans so that all new measurements don't fit to the QR code on the screen, you should activate the "History #1" QR code that includes the previous ~1700 measurements. To upload potential measurements before "History #1", your should activate "History #2" QR code, and so on until you reach the beginning of your measurement history. Scanning all history QR codes will upload all measurements to the cloud.

Logmore Cloud

Measurement history collected by all of your QR data loggers is visible in Logmore cloud. The cloud service is available at web.logmore.com. Logmore cloud opens automatically in your mobile browser after scanning a QR logger. You need to have user rights to access your information. Anybody can scan the QR code and the information is always uploaded to the cloud. However without user rights the cloud only thanks you for scanning or shows if all conditions have been good or not based on your alert limits. You can select in your settings what the person who scans the shipment is able to see.


The main idea of the Logmore service is to monitor shipments, transport units, storage rooms or other targets by using "Missions". A mission has name, starting time, one or more QR data loggers, alert rules and an ending time. When you start monitoring something, you should start a new mission, name it, select QR data loggers(s) that collect the information and define the alert rules. When you want to end monitoring, you should end the mission.

"Missions" page is the place to find everything that you have monitored. When you open a page for a specific Mission, you can see all information that has been collected during the mission.

There are several way to start and end a mission. It's important to select the best way that fits your process and monitoring needs to make it as effective as possible. We have collected some recommendations and best practises for you in the following section of Getting started.


In Logmore cloud, page "Loggers" will show a list of your QR data loggers. From here you can access a certain QR logger's information including changing the QR logger settings if needed. In the logger page you are able to see all information that a QR logger has collected during its lifetime. Here you can also check if all data has been uploaded to the cloud from the QR logger.


Easiest way to get information if the conditions have been right is to use alerts. Alert rules are added to each Mission. If an alert threshold has been breached during the Mission, a notification can be shown: (a) to the person scanning the QR code, (b) on the Missions list and (c) sent as an email/SMS. If you use similar alert rules, you can create alert templates and select the suitable template to be used when starting a Mission.

Create your first mission

To familiarise yourself with how Missions work, create a test mission.

Go to "Missions" from the left-hand navigation in Logmore Cloud. Then click "New mission" from the right hand side of the screen and a new page will open.



"Mission name" – Give a name to your mission. E.g. Test mission

"Select loggers" – Select the QR data logger you activated.

Then click open "Advanced settings". Here you will see e.g. mission start and ending times and you are able to modify those.

Finally, click "Create" at the end of the page to create your first mission.


Congratulations! You've created your first mission. The QR logger starts to collect data according to the mission start time. Other monitoring conditions for the mission will be defined in the next step.

To access the data of the mission, go to "Missions" in Logmore Cloud, look for your test mission in the list, and click on the mission's name. A page with data on the mission will open. (Note that at this point there's no data yet collected).


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