Monitoring fixed point

Monitoring a fixed point means monitoring a warehouse, a freezer or similar target.


Define the point(s) that you want to monitor. There can be several monitored points in one space. Attach activated QR data loggers to these points.

  • QR logger has a wrap around it. It can be used as a sticker. You can also connect a small supermagnet behind the QR tag if there is metal in the monitored point.

Create a regular scanning schedule for the QR loggers.

Make sure that the QR Tag setups are suitable for fixed point monitoring. Measurement interval, shock threshold and what channels you want to monitor can be changed.

  • It's easier to upload the data to the cloud if measurements between regular scans can fit in one QR code.
  • If there will be long times between scans (for instance over weekends) and you need high density data, prepare to scan the history QR codes.
  • In any case, make sure the internal memory of 20 000 measurements is enough for all data collected during the shipping. You can estimate the correct QR logger setups with Logmore calculator. The QR logger settings can be change by following "Logger Configuration" instructions.

Start monitoring

  • Create a new mission for each monitored space. Name it, set starting time as the time when you placed the QR loggers in and leave end time empty. Attach all QR Tags that are monitoring the space to the mission. Add alert rules to the Mission.

Collect data

  • Scan QR Tags regularly. If there are a long time between scans, you may need to scan some history QR codes too.
  • Right after the QR code has scanned and the data is uploaded, Logmore cloud inform if the alert rules has exceeded in scan page, Logmore cloud UI and send notification to selected emails and/or SMS messages.

Best practice library

Contact support@logmore.com to get the best practises to improve your monitoring process even further and to learn about different possibilities in utilizing the collected information inside your organization and with 3rd party stakeholders.

Next, continue to invite users from your organization, in case you didn't already do that.

Otherwise, you can already start monitoring.