Recommendations and best practices

Logmore service can be used for different monitoring purposes. In this section we share recommendations and best practices to make sure your monitoring goes smoothly and successfully. Having monitoring settings that are properly defined will enable efficient monitoring and provide you the right data.

The way you should set up your Missions is different based on what you are monitoring. Start by choosing the type of monitoring you do. If you do several types of monitoring, make sure you are using correct settings in the different Missions and QR data loggers.

A. Monitoring outbound shipments

You are sending a shipment.

Monitoring outbound shipments

B. Monitoring inbound shipments

You are receiving a shipment.

Monitoring inbound shipments

C. Monitoring a fixed point

You are monitoring e.g. a warehouse, a freezer or similar.

Monitoring fixed point

In case you have any questions after reading this section on choosing your monitoring settings, don't hesitate to reach out to us to discuss to find the optimal setup for you.

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