Activate Logmore QR data loggers


If your loggers are already activated by the Logmore team, you can jump straight to page 2:

Activate the QR logger

New Logmore QR data loggers are in sleep mode and need to be activated before use.

Open the cardboard cover and press the button in the right-hand upper corner of the logger.

When you see a QR code filling the screen, the QR data logger is activated and logging.

If you received several QR data loggers in the same delivery, you can activate all of them now or do it later. A logger starts measuring right after it's activated.

Scan the logger

To scan the QR logger, you will need a smartphone or other device with a camera. You can use any QR reader (or a laser scanner connected to a computer) for that.

Scan with Android phone
  1. Android phones usually require you to download a QR reader application. Start by downloading one. We recommend downloading
    Logmore QR Scanner app (for Android)
    , however you can use any QR reader.
  2. Open the QR reader app. The app normally has a “scanning” function you can choose , or it will open a scanning window via the camera.
  3. Hold the phone steady on top of the QR logger. The camera should be above the code for it to identify the QR code. The QR logger's corners should be fully visible in the scanning window.
  4. The app should take you directly to Logmore cloud once scanning is complete.

Scan with iPhone
  1. Open the iPhone camera app. Modern iPhones have a QR reader function built into the camera app. You will likely not need a scanner app on the phone (in case you would, follow the instructions for Android phones).
  2. Place a barcode or a QR code inside the camera view on your screen
  3. Once the camera has focused on the code, a pop-up link appears on top of your screen. This indicates that the scan is ready and the data has been uploaded. Click the link to access Logmore cloud.

Logmore Cloud should open on your device after scanning.

Link logger to a Team

If this is your first scan, you need to sign in first. If you don't have an account created, ask the Logmore main user in your organization to invite you to Logmore Cloud.

After signing in, Logmore Cloud will ask you to link the logger to your team (select the right team and press 'Add') or first to create a team if you do not yet have one created.

Select the correct team (or create your first team). After click 'Add':


Click 'Continue' to access Logmore Cloud.


Encountering issues? See troubleshooting for help
  • Logged in as a Demo user
  • Demo account is for testing only, loggers need to be linked with a real Logmore account.

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