Getting started

Welcome to Logmore! This page guides you through the essential steps of using Logmore products.


Set up your Logmore Account

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Activate loggers

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Scan the logger and link it to your team

Complete this step if your loggers have not been connected to your team by Logmore admins.

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What is a Mission

A Mission is an umbrella term for any kind of shipment or static unit (from an envelope to a transport container or a warehouse) that you want to monitor for a restricted period of time with one or several Logmore data loggers.

You can create Missions from your account both on your desktop and your phone. For high-volume users, there is a

option available.

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Missions include:

Common use cases

You can use Logmore products for various purposes, for example:

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Attach the logger

The logger should be appropriately attached to the parcel or pallet to record the measurements, depending on your monitoring needs and the sensors.

General instructions:


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Sensor-specific cases:

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Create a Mission for your shipment

Create a Mission from the Cloud on your desktop or your smartphone right after scanning the logger.

📽️ Watch this short video or refer to a full tutorial about Missions here.

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If you’re operating multiple shipments with the same alert rules, we recommend that you use

. Prepare a Mission template for each type of shipment and use these Mission templates to quickly create a Mission from your smartphone or desktop.


Scan loggers and upload data


It’s crucial to scan the logger when the shipment is over in order to upload all the data to the Cloud. Only then will you know if the conditions during the shipment were acceptable or not.


Scan the QR code with your smartphone.


Click the link on the screen.


Allow the use of location data, when asked.


Data is now uploaded to Logmore Cloud

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The shipment status is displayed to the recipient only if you've enabled the Scan page feature when creating a Mission or a Mission template. Otherwise, they will only see "Data scan success" screen, see


End the Mission

Depending on the settings and your needs, you can end the Mission in several ways:

Press the End monitoring button on your smartphone after scanning the logger
End Mission from the Mission's page in the Cloud
Specify the missions ending time in advance
Enable to auto-end the Mission on first scan

Analyze Missions and Alerts

On your Dashboard there is an overview of the alerts triggered by all your missions, together with a variety of reports.


The Missions page shows all the Missions linked to your account.

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On the Loggers page, you can review data loggers connected to your account.

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Here are several common questions and challenges that might arise when using Logmore. There is more information on our


The Mission's data status is incomplete. Why am I missing data?

I don't have internet connection to extract data from the logger. What should I do?

I did not start the Mission before the shipment had left.

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