Logmore Service Description

A subscription to the Logmore service includes:

  • Logmore Cloud
  • Logmore QR data loggers
  • Logmore App
  • Open API for intergrations
  • Support

Logmore Cloud

Logmore Cloud is the cloud service developed and used by Logmore. All data collected by Logmore QR data loggers is saved to Logmore Cloud upon scan & upload.

You can access and analyze the data collected by your Logmore QR data loggers in Logmore Cloud. In addition to raw numbers, the data is available in easy-to-read graphs and lists that are available for individual scans, loggers, and shipments.

A subscription to the Logmore service includes unlimited data saved in Logmore Cloud, unlimited number of accounts that can be granted user access to your company's Logmore Cloud team, easy-to-use reporting tools, and alert settings for shipments (dubbed "Missions").

Logmore subscription is annual, allowing you to access the data saved in Logmore Cloud indefinitely as long as your subscription is active.

Logmore QR data loggers

The amount and models of Logmore QR data loggers vary case-by-case according to your needs and you may specify the amount as you like. Depending on the model, Logmore QR data loggers can be used to monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Shocks / impacts / acceleration
  • Tilt / orientation

The price of the subscription depends on how many of each QR data logger model you choose to order.

You can find the technical specifications and sensor information for the different models at


In a nutshell:

  1. Logmore One is the basic model for one-way usage such as pharmaceutical deliveries
  2. Logmore Two is designed for long-term temperature monitoring
  3. Logmore Three fully loaded with all sensors & suitable for a wide variety of uses

Logmore App

is the QR reader application developed for Android smartphones. Designed to seamlessly bridge Logmore Cloud and QR data loggers together, this free app is available in the Google Play Store.

Logmore QR Scanner acts as a hub that allows you to scan single or multiple QR codes, browse your previous scans, and provides easy access to Logmore Cloud. Logmore QR scanner also has a flashlight function that makes scanning easier in low-light situations.

Open API for integrations

We recognize that integrations are especially important for large businesses and want to make those integrations as readily available as possible.

Advanced technical users can generate 

keys. The instructions and documentation for Logmore API keys can be found in 
Integrations & API


Ease-of-use is central to the Logmore service.

Helpful articles on using the Logmore service can be found in this database.

For personal help and answers you can contact us also by email: support@logmore.com.

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