Attaching loggers

Attach the data logger to a surface where it is easy to scan, outside a pallet or parcel. You may place the logger inside the pallet or parcel, if there is a risk of shocks or sharp blows.

The wrap around the logger contains a sticker. Make sure the surface is dry and smooth, then peel off part of the wrap, and press the logger's backside firmly against the surface.

Scroll down for images on correct logger placement.

Note: The adhesive sticker is strong. Please take care when using the sticker, as removing the QR data logger may be difficult after the adhesive has set.

Sensor-specific instructions

  • If you are monitoring temperature with an external probe, place the probe close to the item you are monitoring. Make sure the logger itself is not kept in extreme temperature (e.g. in dry ice), risking the logger to malfunction.
  • If you monitor shocks, you need to attach the logger to the monitored target itself, not to the package material. This way you can be sure to get shock readings that targeted at the item being monitored.
  • If you monitor humidity, the logger needs to be in the monitored space. For instance QR logger inside the return envelope will monitor humidity inside the envelope.

Additional tips

  • If the surface is rough, we recommend placing a piece of packaging or duct tape on it first and then attaching the QR data logger's sticker to it.
  • You can also connect a small supermagnet behind the QR logger. This is a perfect way to attach the QR logger if your shipment contains metal. The QR logger is easy to attach and remove again and again.
  • You may print instructions to the recipient on a paper or return envelope and stick the QR logger to it. Logger is small and colourful paper helps recipient to notice it and to read the short instructions.

Logger attachment images

Pallet / parcel with cable space


Pallet / parcel without cable space