Customize condition monitoring

With Logmore, you can monitor a shipment or a stable unit by creating a mission in Logmore Cloud. A mission links the monitored unit with one or several Logmore Guardians.

In order to reflect the needs of your individual operations and industry-specific requirements, you can:

Use Custom Fields

When creating a mission, you can add custom fields to record additional relevant data, such as a delivery route, a tracking ID, or manufacturing date. This data will be visible on the mission's page and can be used in your reports as well.


Custom Fields are also valuable for analysis and reporting. Using Custom Fields will help you gain better visibility of your operations, for example:

  • the routes with the most deviations in conditions;
  • the transportation methods with the highest amount of excursions;
  • the types of goods shipped with the least disturbances.

You will need to collect data using Custom Fields for a while in order to be able to analyze it in a meaningful way.

Apply various alert types

Alerts help you immediately detect shipments conducted under unacceptable conditions. While single-measurement alert rules can cover most of the use-cases, you can apply other alert types and alert delays to fully customize your monitoring solution.

  • The cumulative time alert type tracks the total time the alert rule is violated. We recommend using this alert rule for shipments that change different carriers to make sure the product doesn't unfreeze while moving between freezers.
  • The mission duration alert type triggers a notification if a shipment has lasted for longer than a set time. You can use this alert type for shipping products that remain usable only for a certain period of time regardless of the temperature variance.
  • Alert delay can be set for Single measurement alerts. In this case, the alert will be generated only after the rule has been violated for several consecutive measurements.

By setting a delay to the alert rule, you allow the alert to be triggered only after that many unacceptable measurements have been logged. The delay value N + 1 (measurement) is when the alert is generated

Adjust logger configuration

With a default configuration, Logmore Guardians take temperature measurements every 15 minutes. You can configure this interval to fit your operations. A shorter interval will provide you with better visibility (note that the battery usage will be more intensive), while a longer interval saves the battery.

You can adjust the configurations on a logger's individual page in Logmore Cloud. Follow the detailed instructions here:


You can also change the QR data logger's name and switch on a Battery saving mode.


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