What is Logmore Cloud?

One-minute guide

  1. Go to web.logmore.com
  2. Log in using your own Logmore Account* (or sign up
    User Account Creation
  3. Purchase some
    What are QR data loggers?
    What are QR data loggers?
    to start collecting data if you don't have some already.
  4. Browse the Cloud service to find your data.

*If you've forgotten your password, see

Cannot Login?

Logmore Cloud

Measurement history collected by all of your QR data loggers is visible in Logmore cloud. The cloud service is available at web.logmore.com. Logmore cloud opens automatically in your mobile browser after scanning a QR logger. You need to have user rights to access your information. Anybody can scan the QR code and the information is always uploaded to the cloud. However without user rights the cloud only thanks you for scanning or shows if all conditions have been good or not based on your alert limits. You can select in your settings what the person who scans the shipment is able to see.


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