Automate condition monitoring

You can save time and resources on condition monitoring by introducing these advanced Logmore features into your operations.

These tools will help you automate and scale your operations:

Mission Templates

Instead of manually filling in information regarding every mission — name, alert rules, custom fields, and permissions — you can automate this process by using Mission templates.

Create a Mission template for recurring shipments or shipments that require the same alert rules in your Logmore Cloud. Use an appropriate template when creating a mission from your smartphone, desktop, or Logmore Scanpoint.

Automation outcomes:

  • standardized mission name format
  • pre-set alert rules for every shipment of the same type
  • pre-set custom fields
  • low risk of erroneous data input

Mass scanning

If you are operating multiple loggers, we recommend using our mass scanning feature in Logmore Cloud with a laser 2D code scanner. Mass scanning will not only save time but also automate the start and end of missions.

For a bigger logger fleet, consider using Logmore Scanpoint. It also enables you to connect a unique tracking ID or air waybill to a Mission.

Automation outcomes:

  • less manual data input
  • automated mission start after a scan
  • standardized mission name format
  • automated mission end after a scan
  • unique tracking ID or air waybills connected to Missions (only for Logmore Scanpoint)

API integrations

Our open, well-documented API enables powerful integrations between Logmore Cloud and 3rd-party software used by our customers. With these integrations, you can analyze and reuse your data in different software, as well as import your own data to Logmore Cloud and automate certain processes, such as mission creation.

Automation outcomes:

  • no manual data input
  • automated mission start and end based on external schedules stored in 3rd-party software
  • automated data export related to missions and loggers from Logmore Cloud into 3rd-party software
  • reports on completed missions or other actions are automatically sent to relevant team members

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