Team permissions

Within the "Teams" section under "Settings", you can give Read or Read & Write accesses of loggers and missions to a team you belong to. Open the menu by clicking "Edit Permissions".

After selecting which team you want to edit the access writes to, choose whether you want to work with logger or mission accesses and lastly the type of permission (read or read + editing).

You can remove accesses with the red cross icon.


New accesses can be given by clicking the indicated input and choosing a new item. The input is searchable as well:


When you are done, don't forget to click Save! All the changes you have made will be saved.

Editing permissions via logger and mission page

Permissions can also be granted and revoked through the loggers' and missions' own pages. On the top you can see a Sharing button. Click it to open a menu.

Here you can add access to your teams. Note that access cannot be removed from the team that a logger is attached to (billed from).